Carrie Katz Coaching
Carrie Katz Coaching
Conversations for Transformation

Coaching is an essential tool for building solutions. If you want abundance or are redefining your life purpose I am devoted to helping you get there.

Discovering your path for success by being accountable and productive is just the beginning.

My mission is helping you find ways on how to change. Use your imagination and lateral thinking to answer questions in your life and ask what would it look like? What will it be, who will you be? What new or old activities interest you that you have not made time for?

Take a step back into your life and be excited about getting started in this co-creative adventure. 

Tools that help you stay positive, focused and confident. Tools that anchor you in the here and now while imagining and planning for your next step.

In finding new ideas I hope you will discover and welcome the chance to enhance and tell YOUR story.


NOUN the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.