Carrie Katz Coaching
Carrie Katz Coaching
Conversations for Transformation
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About Carrie

Graduate of the PPCC Certified Personal and Professional Coaching Program at Concordia University


Coming from a creative career background has influenced how and who I coach.
I have a creativity mindset that speaks to those wishing for personal transformation. 

My clients range from aspiring students, to innovative entrepreneurs to professionals in all the Arts and Entertainment fields.

I have 30 years of experience as a professional singer-songwriter, writer, performer-musician who has worked in film and television. I have incorporated, in my own way, a creative approach in everything I do with my clients. I understand the creative process as well as the pitfalls.

In 2009 I went through the Hoffman Process, and in 2014, I continued my training as a Transformational Recovery Coaching out of San Diego with the Being True to You team.

I am currently a senior coach at Being True to You and have also been trained  in Harm Reduction and have volunteered at Zendo Project at Burning Man.


I look forward to meeting you!